Knotty Boy (dreadlock hair care)

LockSteady Tightening Gel- Quickly tightens both new and mature locks with light, wash-out formula. Grooms and controls loose hair and frizz instantly. Great for starting and maintaining locks, wax-free, aloe-based formula provides safe alternative to harsh salt-based accelerator sprays. Incredible tropical Lime fragrance!

Dread Wax (brunette & blonde)- All natural formula for starting and maintaining dreads in ANY hair type. Binds new locks together, allowing scalp and locks to be washed as normal. Non-greasy, non-cakey, easy to use formula. No added fragrance, just the sweet smell of 100% natural beeswax

Dreadlock Conditioning Spray (no photo)- Light, leave-in conditioning spray for mature locks. Softens and strengthens dry or fragile dreads. Replenishes lost moisture, increasing elasticity and preventing breakage. Smooths, grooms and tidies frizzy, loose hair.