DreadHeadHQ (dreadlock hair care)

DreadHead Dread Soap- Leaves nothing behind on your hair to slow down the dreading process. No oily perfumes, no dread destroying conditioners and nothing to irritate even the most sensitive of scalps. Leaves no residue behind, it actually helps your dreads tighten, it gets the hair so clean and free of oils that the hair will bind, knot, dread, and tighten faster than it normally would.

Locking Accelerator- Tightens dreads in any stage of development. Makes the initial dreading easier and more effective. Helps dreads mature faster.

Lock Peppa- Knots form immeasurably faster with much less work. Applies easily to just the hair you’re working with. Non-Sticky, chemical free formula gets the job done!

Dread-licious (vanilla & orange)- A few sprays will give your dreads the moisturizing burst of tasty refreshment they’ve been longing for. Your dreads will look, feel, and smell their best, combines all natural ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E to deliver essential nutrients that keep locks healthy. The best part is, it always washes out completely!

Dread Comb & Latch Hook also sold at Hair Pollution!