Normal Persons Shampoo A deep cleansing, sulphate-free shampoo.
Normal Persons Conditioner A light, daily conditioner combining moisturisers, protein, an anti-sebum agent and scalp stimulating ingredients.
Water Killer Dry Shampoo- A 2-in-1 dry shampoo and styling spray.
Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray- A sea-esque mist designed to give you salty, beach-based texture and a matt finish.
Haze Styling Powder- A styling powder to add volume and texture when hair is suffering from the flop.
Mister Fantastic Texture Spray- A a spray to add fullness and texture or to secure styles.
Mister Fantastic- A tool for your own creation.
Casual Act Moulding Paste- A paste for adding light hold and texture with a soft matt finish.
Crop Strutters Construction Cream- A shaping cream for texture, support and separation.
Cassius Cushy Mud- A styling clay that provides strong, pliable hold with a medium matt finish.
Box O’ Life Changing Paste- A paste that provides ultrastrong hold and an extremely matt finish.
Gangsta Grip Bonding Resin- A gel that generates strong control and hold or adds wave and structure.
Builder’s Paradise Working Spray- A light weight, fast drying,strong hold working spray that rinses out with water.
Helmut Finishing Spray- A strong-hold aerosol spray designed to provide maximum control to finished styles.

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